Wine Rooms Are Our New Trend

Bill Roberts has started a new feature in some of our homes. We are proud and happy to announce that we are now building homes with wine storage and right next to the living room, mind you! The optimal spot for when company comes over. With we will indulge you in how we have designed this splendid feature of our homes based on the renderings on a few of the homes preparing to be built this spring.

The wine rooms that we have built in our homes are of a substantial size for one who’s hobby is that of collecting wine and aging them over the years. There is ample room for you to have a sizeable collection laying down on their side to properly age over the years. Additionally, the wine rooms that we have built into these homes are temperature controlled so that you may have the perfect conditions for aging wine throughout the years. We understand how the aging of wine works and that is why we have built a wine room that exceeds the expectations of what one would want. Our wine rooms are built to walk in with the space to make any other alcohol that you may want to store.

How is Wine to be Stored?

  • Temperature is Key

Keeping it in a cool place is key. The ideal temperature is right around 55°F. A temperature controlled environment is the best way to go in terms of allowing it to age and keeping it with good taste. Furthermore, there is more to be done if possible the humidity needs to be at the correct percentile to ensure that the cork does not break or shrink. Between 65-75% humidity is the optimal range for long time storage of wine bottles.

  • Lights and Placement

When considering wine, it is important to place it in the correct place and in the correct way. Wine hates the light and prefers to be in the darkness. Ensuring that it stays out of the light, be it from the sun or the house, it will preserve its taste and keep it from aging prematurely. Different types of wine respond more sensitively to light than other types, so you will have to research which such ones are so.

Making sure to place them in the proper place is important but also to place them in the proper way it is likewise just as important. Laying them on their side is of most importance because the cork must continually be moistened to keep oxygen out and the cork from shrinking or falling apart. By having the wine constantly touching the cork you accomplish the like of this. Take note also that wine not be constantly vibrating like it would be on top of a refrigerator.

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Bill Roberts Custom Homes builds homes with you in mind. We understand the collections and hobbies of people, especially those of who have fine taste for such a drink. Call us today for a tour!

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