Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Bathroom Design

Have you ever surfed the web, swooning over dream bathroom ideas? The answer is likely “yes.” The internet certainly has no shortage of images of drool-worthy master bathrooms—sometimes so gorgeous they seem unattainable.

Dream Bathroom Designs

Ready for exciting news? Any one of these dream bathrooms can be yours. How? Well, that’s just one of the many benefits of building a new home. When you build a new home, your imagination is free to explore all the possibilities of what the home—and master bathroom—can be. When you work with Bill Roberts Custom Homes, our team of interior design specialists help bring your big ideas to fruition. 

Bathroom Design tips

As you design your dream bathroom, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Focus on function – A bathroom should be beautiful, but consideration should first be given to ensuring it functions as the workstation it truly is. Proper clearance for easy movement and flow throughout the room, adequate storage space, and a sufficient number of conveniently located outlets are at the top of the list.
  • Splurge for spa-like luxury – Once a bathroom’s functionality is assured, it’s time to prioritize that which brings peace and relaxation. A soaking tub, a steam room, wired-in speakers, plush linens—any of these deliver sanctuary from the everyday.
  • Make it personal – It’s the little things that make a dream bathroom so inspiring. Whether it’s a beautiful built-in bench in the shower, a modern Japanese toilet, or custom cabinetry, follow your path to personalization and delight in your perfect-for-you space daily.
  • Choose wisely – When selecting the materials to be used in your bathroom, consider not only their appearance but also their inherent qualities. Know how tiles or stone will hold up over time, how easy they are to clean, and how slippery they become when wet. 
  • Flaunt your fixtures – Faucets and other hardware are perfect accents to add style to a bathroom. Ideally, consider the look and finish of the pieces, but also keep in mind the ease of cleaning. 
  • Make use of mirrors – Natural, ambient light enhances any space, and the bathroom is no exception. Mirrors are an excellent way to add style to the room and also to maximize the potential for natural light. 
  • Light it right – Whether you choose chic hanging pendants, eye-catching vanity lights, or sleek sconces, a well-selected light fixture can elevate the style in a bathroom. Illuminate on a dimmer switch with incandescent bulbs, which provide a soft, flattering hue.
  • Soften the edges with plants and flowers – A vase with a beautiful, fresh bouquet of flowers or a pot of greenery can add a pop of color and softness to the hardscapes of a bathroom. 

Your master bath is a room in which you begin and end every day. It is a place that demands functionality but thrives with personalized luxury. There’s only one thing more exciting than designing a dream bathroom—and that’s enjoying the one you own. So, what’s on your dream bathroom wish list?

At Bill Roberts Custom Homes, we want to make your bathroom dreams a reality. Our top-notch interior design specialists are eager to work with you every step of the way to ensure the home you buy is a home you’ll love. For nearly four decades, we’ve helped families in Edmond, Oklahoma, attain their dreams of luxury homeownership. An elevated lifestyle awaits you—take the next step toward the dream bathroom you deserve and contact us today.

Designing Your New “Smart Home”

Smart Technology

Technology has a superpower: it has the capability to automate and streamline nearly every aspect of your daily life. Embracing the potential of this automation is key to supercharging the functionality of your new home, which by extension enhances your lifestyle. Sound appealing? Read on to learn how you can design a smart home. 

But First, What Is a “Smart” Home?

Put simply, a “smart” home uses devices to automate tasks once carried out by humans. These devices are networked to communicate with each other wirelessly. Imagine the following: peeking inside your refrigerator while at the grocery store, watching the activity on your front porch while you’re at work, and adjusting the thermostat down on a sunny day . . . from the comfort of your vacation home. You can do all this and more with a “smart” home. No more getting up to turn lights on or off or worrying about whether you shut the garage door—this is the power of equipping your home with smart, or connected, technology.

Implementing this advanced automation in the home, thereby making daily life more convenient and efficient, is at the heart of what makes a home smart. Whether it’s a keypad on the wall or a tablet in your hand, the smart technology in your home is at the ready with the touch of a finger—and often even with the command of your voice. 

Building a Smart home

Smart Home by Design

Envision your daily life and determine how automation can best serve you. Devices like Amazon Echo, Nest Thermostat, Google Assistant provide a solid start.

Existing homes can be retrofitted with smart devices, but the incorporation of smart technology during the design stage is what gives a custom-built home a true advantage. With thoughtful planning, a home can be prewired for ultimate luxury: think speakers in the ceiling, shades that lower and lift on command, and lighting you can control from around the world. Not only is it easier and more cost-efficient to implement smart technology at the design stage but this approach allows homeowners to achieve a superior level of technological inclusion, offering whole-house conveniences in a cost-effective, discreet manner. 

Here is a sampling of smart devices to further your home networked possibilities:

  • Climate control – thermostats, window treatments, ceiling fans
  • Entertainment – built-in speakers, televisions, virtual assistants
  • Security – doorbell surveillance, security systems, door locks, garage doors
  • Appliances – refrigerator, cooktop, washer & dryer, coffee maker
  • Lighting – light bulbs, switches, dimmers

Automation is a game-changer in the home, and designing a smart home that incorporates customized technology to boost the functionality of your daily life is priceless. How will you incorporate smart devices in your custom home design?

Ready to enjoy the elevated lifestyle a smart home can provide? Bill Roberts Custom Homes is eager to partner with you on this journey. As Edmond, Oklahoma’s, premier home builder, we’re poised to deliver a custom-designed home built to perfectly suit your tastes and style. Contact us today to learn more about our well-honed, streamlined building process and start planning your new custom home today. 

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