Edmond Jobs: Looking at Employment Opportunities in Edmond

Not only is Edmond, Oklahoma a great place to live — it’s a great place to work, too! That’s why nearly 100,000 Americans are happy to call Edmond home. Edmond offers a strong sense of community where people matter. Also, you find satisfying, meaningful work here—there’s a lot more to working in Edmond than just collecting a paycheck.

Today, we’re going to take a look at jobs in Edmond and discuss some of the major employers in the area. If you’re considering moving here, take note; you won’t want to miss out on these exciting opportunities!

Tinker Air Force Base

Edmond sits just 20 miles away from the largest single-site employer in Oklahoma — the Tinker Air Force Base. With over 24,000 civilian and military personnel, Tinker Air Force Base brings in about $3.5 billion to the state each year, providing abundant opportunities for employment, growth, and advancement

The Tinker Air Force Base offers opportunities for everyone. There are plenty of desk jobs available, but if you’re looking for something a bit more hands-on, you’ll find that here too. If the idea of working on the latest warfighting jets and aircrafts excites you, then you’re coming to the right place.

Edmond Jobs in Education—University of Central Oklahoma

Edmond is home to the University of Central Oklahoma, a higher education institute that employs over 3,000 individuals. As a collaborative effort, UCO employees prepare the youth of Edmond and surrounding cities to lead productive lives.

Furthermore, UCO offers a College of Business, School of Music, Liberal Arts, and courses in Fine Art and Design, so there’s something for everyone. Education matters in Edmond—today’s students become tomorrow’s heroes.

Nobody can say for sure, but at UCO, you might be taking part in educating the next Bill Gates!  Are you ready to make a positive impact on your community? Well, it’s time to come and join us in Edmond!

Edmond Jobs in Healthcare – Integris Health

People choose employment opportunities in healthcare for many reasons. The healthcare industry offers satisfying and stable jobs. Edmond, Oklahoma is home to Integris, one of the largest and most successful healthcare systems in the country. The company offers the opportunity for employees to take on an active role in caring for others in their community.

Integris employs over 6,000 healthcare professionals at multiple hospitals in the area. Also, Integris ranks among the top 25 best healthcare systems in the country according to US News and World Report. Ultimately, if you enjoy stable and meaningful work, Edmond is the place to be.

There Are Plenty of Opportunities with Edmond Jobs

We are merely scratching the surface with the employers listed here. Edmond displays favorable employment outlooks in multiple sectors including; healthcare, aerospace, education, and government jobs. If you’re looking to live and work in a wonderful community, look no further than Edmond!

Tips for Decluttering Your Home

One of the most effective ways to get your house ready to sell and make it more appealing to buyers is to declutter. Your realtor will tell you to get rid of almost everything that takes away from the overall aesthetics of the home, including notes on the refrigerator, knick-knacks, piles of paperwork, to-do lists, halfway finished crafts . . . you get the idea.

For the most part, anything that isn’t necessary or beautiful is tucked away so that when potential buyers come through your home, they aren’t distracted by all of the personal items. You want them to see the house in its best light, and to see the potential for how they can make it theirs.

It takes a lot of work to declutter a home, but whenever people do it, they’re always amazed. Suddenly, their home seems new — and a lot more appealing!

Why wait until you’re trying to sell your home to enjoy a cleaned-up, decluttered atmosphere? Take advantage of your home’s full potential and get rid of all that stuff! The task might feel overwhelming, but the rewards are well worth it. Here are some tips to help you on your mission.

Constantly weed. Just like a garden, your home needs constant attention to keep it from overgrowth. Keep a box handy and make it a habit to regularly put things in it to donate. Jewelry, clothes, shoes, toys, dishes, bedding . . . whatever you notice isn’t getting any use anymore, just drop it in the box and take it to your nearest donation center when it’s full.

Deal with paperwork immediately. Paperwork is one of the most difficult areas to keep under control. By only handling it once, you’ll save a significant amount of time and energy. When the mail arrives, sort it that same day. Recycle anything considered trash and use a simple filing system for the items that need attention, whether it’s save, act upon (pay the bill, return the form, etc.), or something else. Never let papers sit in piles, because you’ll end up forgetting what’s on the bottom . . . guaranteed.

One thing at a time. If you try to declutter your entire house in one sitting, you’ll burn out pretty quickly. Instead, choose one desk or one shelf and start there. The feeling of accomplishment will give you more fuel, as will the pleasure of seeing the finished product. (Just imagine a shelf with room on it for everything!)

Delayed gratification. Let’s face it. Our homes tend to be cluttered because we have too much stuff. The next time you have the urge to buy something that isn’t strictly necessary, write it down along with the date. Give yourself a minimum amount of time that you will wait to purchase the item, whether it’s a week, two weeks, or a month. When the time is up, see if you still want to buy it. Odds are, the urge may have passed and you’ll find you don’t want it anymore. If you still want it, go ahead and buy it — and immediately find a place for it to live.

Clear visual noise. Get rid of anything that’s visually noisy and unnecessary, like price tags or brand labels. When you store items in boxes or containers, you win a victory by keeping things neatly together and all in one place. However, you lose some of the ground you gained if you keep manufacturer labels and stickers on those containers. Even if those boxes are in a closet, your house will feel more calm and less cluttered without the extra visual noise.

Whatever you do, the most important thing is to keep at it! Envision the way your home will look without the clutter and keep working towards that goal. Then savor the newfound mental space and sense of accomplishment.

Bill Roberts Custom Homes are designed for your lifestyle. Whether you’re single, married with kids, or heading towards retirement, we have innovative floor plans that will help you live life to the fullest. Enduring craftsmanship and quality are our hallmarks. Learn more about us here.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Calling all lads and lasses! It’s that time of year to don your greenest apparel and celebrate all things Irish. Those of you who live here in Edmond are lucky enough to have lots of options for ways to celebrate—and not just on St. Patrick’s Day (which falls on a Sunday this year), but also the day before. Make a weekend of it, meet some new friends, and raise a glass to the Irish!

Lucky Coyote 5K – Kick off the weekend with a family-friendly event right here in Edmond! Hosted by The Patriarch Craft Beer House, the 2nd Annual Lucky Coyote 5K starts at 10:00am. They are offering all kinds of incentives to get you to the finish line, including limited-edition medals and a free beer. You’ll also get a race tee or tank, and if you really bring your Irish game face—costume, that is—you just might win The Luckiest Coyote costume contest! The fun continues after the race with a selfie booth, lawn games, and food.

O’City St. Patrick’s Day ParadeThe biggest St. Patrick’s Day event in Oklahoma City is back for another year! Wear your green with pride and head downtown, where the parade kicks off at 10:00am. You can find the perfect viewing spot along the parade route to settle in with friends and family and cheer on this annual display of Irish heritage.  

Go Green – Oklahoma City Botanical GardensFor the big day itself, gather your friends and head to the Oklahoma City Botanical Gardens. The party begins at noon with a performance by the Oklahoma Scottish Pipes and Drums, followed by an afternoon of activities, including food trucks, vendors, an Irish Step performance, and fun fiddling tunes. For kids ages 4-10, you can purchase a wristband for just $5 that gives them access to crafts, games, and kid-centered fun!

Whether you go out and celebrate big or enjoy corned beef and cabbage at home, we wish you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Bill Roberts Custom Homes has been building innovative, luxury homes in Edmond, OK for over 35 years. We love our city and it’s our honor to contribute to such a thriving, tight-knit community. Want to join us? Check out our list of available homes!

Creating a Well-Stocked Wine Room

As we’ve noted before, wine rooms are a growing trend in modern custom homes. But how do you stock them? Here are some guidelines for creating a well-rounded wine collection, whether it’s for a wine room, wine cellar, or wine rack. Hopefully, these tips will result in a delicious base of reds and whites, including ideas on where to splurge and how to add some sparkle!

Stocking Wines

  • Consider the wines that you love and you (always) want to drink. The first rule of drinking wine is simple: Enjoy! So, buy what you like—and what friends and family like—and stock up. What’s better than having your favorite brand on hand?
  • Looking for a more specific rule? Think, 4: white, ready-to-drink red, dessert, and celebratory/prestige. If you think in terms of these 4 types of wines, each can take up about 25% of your wine room space. If that formula doesn’t feel quite right, make up your own according to your lifestyle.
  • For more ideas of wine varieties, and ways to branch out of your usual preferences, check out Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 Selections for 2017.
  • Looking to invest in some bottles to store for a few years? Food & Wine Magazine suggests this  list of their Top 12 Wines that Will Get Better With Age.

Wine Room Details

  • Organize the room in a way that is convenient for you. Keep everyday wines close to reach, and prestige bottles protected and out of the way.
  • If possible, keep the room temperature around 55 degrees. Avoid temperature fluctuation, vibrations, and humidity. This will help keep wines stable and ready to serve, free from humidity and other factors that might disrupt the quality.
  • Generally, wine rooms, as opposed to wine cellars, are designed to store wines that are meant to be served. While wines may last quite a while in these rooms, they are not meant to be aged there. So, pick what you love and what you’d like to have on hand and to serve anytime.

As you begin to furnish your wine room, you will likely discover how fun it is to accessorize! There’s a whole world out there, full of glasses, charms, and preservation/serving equipment. Not to mention the cheeses, fruits, chocolates, crackers, and gourmet meals for pairing options. Enjoy the process of setting up your wine room—and salut!

Bill Roberts Custom Homes offer the fun option of a customized wine room. Other available options include multiple trending features in customized closets. Our homes are designed for life —your life—and we are happy to offer a wide variety of interior designs and amenities.

Explore Chisholm Creek!

Have you checked out Chisholm Creek yet? This new and exciting area has it all—shopping, dining, various local services, and entertainment. Oklahoma City’s very first “mixed-use” development, Chisholm Creek is a pedestrian-friendly space designed to combine various aspects of life into a convenient and beautiful setting. As such, it is a great place to run errands, get the kids’ wiggles out, meet up with a friend, do some shopping, practice your golf swing, and much more!

Chisholm Creek is surrounded by miles of walking trails that converge upon a gorgeous waterfront. Adjacent to a spacious city park, it is the perfect place to go for a walk, or to take the kids for an afternoon. While you’re there, pamper yourself a bit at the Blo Bar, the nail salons, spas, and deluxe barber shop. Spend the afternoon exploring local and national boutiques, then drop in for happy hour. Dining options are plentiful, too! The area is perfect for meeting up with friends (or dates!), taking the family out for a special meal, or hosting a business meeting.

Chisholm Creek is nestled between corporate campuses and the best healthcare facilities in the city, reminders of Oklahoma City’s economic growth and continual development. Home to a variety of office spaces and business suites, the center offers insurance, banking, financial advising, and much more. When the work is done and you’re ready to play, head over to Top Golf and work on your swing. Or reach for the skies at IFly indoor skydiving!

Oklahoma City is one of America’s fastest growing cities and Chisholm Creek is set to accommodate this exciting growth and development. As such, the area is an asset for Bill Roberts Community Homes residents, and is close to many of these communities. Stop by and see for yourself. Oh, and grab a coffee while you’re there. Or an ice cream! Or…well, you get the idea!

Edmond is an exciting place to live, just a quick drive from places like Chisholm Creek. With exciting events happening in your own backyard, there is always an opportunity to try something new, meet your neighbors, and have some fun.

Top 5 Reasons We Love Edmond

Edmond is a fantastic place to live. During this season of romance, we thought it was fitting to pay tribute to our beautiful city. A sonnet would be lovely, but we couldn’t quite make everything rhyme. So instead, we compiled a list.

These are the top five (non-rhyming) reasons we love living in Edmond:

Excellent Schools – Edmond boasts an outstanding public school system. With 17 elementary schools, six middle schools, and three high schools, just over 22,000 students are being served by some of the top teachers and administrators in the state. As if that’s not enough, Edmond also has a wide selection of private schools. Our kids are a priority, and the quality education system is the number one reason we love living in Edmond.

Variety of Restaurants – You don’t have to drive far to get just about any type of food that catches your fancy. It goes without saying that we have a number of steak houses and burger joints, and those are always popular (and always appreciated!). But when you’re in the mood for something different, Edmond has places where you can get Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean . . . just about any kind of food you can imagine. For homestyle favorites or more exotic fare, Edmond’s got it all.

Chisholm Creek – The shopping, dining, and entertainment offered at Chisholm Creek, combined with the pedestrian-friendly setting and water features make Chisholm Creek one of our favorite places to visit in Edmond. (Technically, it’s in Oklahoma City, but we’re going to claim this one because it’s so very close.) It’s the perfect place to stroll with an ice cream in hand on a warm summer evening. And the perfect place to chat with a friend over a warm cup of coffee in the winter.

Edmond Parks & Recreation – From Arcadia Lake to the Festival Market Place to the many trails that wind through the city, we love the services provided by Parks & Recreation. Free summer concerts under the stars and an enjoyable round of golf at KickingBird Golf Club. Exciting summer camps for kids and over 30 city parks. What more can we ask for?

Quality of Life – It’s a little hard to quantify, but there’s something about the combination of all these factors that makes for a good life. And not just the things we’ve mentioned here, but also the fact that people are friendly, community life is strong, and everyone is involved and engaged with different organizations, whether it’s a church or another type of non-profit. People care. That’s why, overall, we think that Edmond offers a high quality of life that’s hard to beat.

Bill Roberts Custom Homes has been building gorgeous homes for the lucky citizens of Edmond for over 35 years. From sprawling estates to chic and low-maintenance luxury homes, we make the spaces that fit your lifestyle. Check out our quick move-in options and start living in one of Edmond’s finest communities!

Three Trending Features in Luxury Home Closets

Despite Marie Kondo’s best efforts, the number of possessions owned by U.S. Americans keeps increasing. No wonder, then, that a growing area of interest for luxury homes is the master bedroom closet.

Simply having a walk-in closet became the standard in home building over the past two decades, but innovations for new and better designs continually push the boundaries of elevated living. Whereas it used to be that full-length mirrors and a variety of rods, racks, drawers and shelves were the extent of the interior features of a typical walk-in closet, nowadays people are looking for more.

These three popular trends are finding their way into many homes in 2019.

9333 Lakeway Run - New Homes for sale in Edmond, OK

Center Island

Both attractive and functional, a center island is a must-have for the modern day luxury walk-in closet. The island provides a convenient surface to set your morning coffee while you decide what to wear, or can be an ideal place to store and display jewelry. The surface can be made out of a variety of materials, so it’s easily customizable. Some homeowners opt to match their kitchen surfaces and use matching marble or quartz. Another popular choice is to use glass for the top to display jewelry.

Speaking of jewelry, the drawers in the island are the perfect place to store it. Everything from necklaces, earrings and bracelets, to rings, cufflinks and watches becomes neatly organized and easy to find. The island also serves as a place to stash a clothes hamper, and offers additional storage space.

Home Builder Closet Gallery 1

Illuminated Display Cases

Top-lit or backlit shelves are the perfect way to show off prize possessions, such as awards, memorabilia, favorite handbags, or watches. You’ll appreciate those treasures all the more when you can see them every day.

Master Closets

Seating Areas

No luxury closet would be complete without the inclusion of a seating area, and people are becoming increasingly creative in the types they include. A simple bench or ottoman are functional and timeless (after all, who doesn’t appreciate a comfortable place to sit while putting on socks and shoes?).

But if you’re looking for more ways to get use out of your space, a vanity or even office desk are both making appearances in many modern walk-in closets. Whether you want a place to sit while you accessorize or a convenient place to catch up on work email, you’ll be glad for the addition.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home or are in the market to build a new home, we hope this list has inspired you. If you are looking for a trusted and qualified custom homebuilder, contact us today! We’d love to learn more about how we can help build the luxury home of your dreams.

Happy New Year, Edmond!

Who’s ready for 2019? (Who’s wondering where 2018 went?)

Well, ready or not, here comes the New Year—get ready to celebrate in style! Gather with your friends and family at one of these fun events taking place in the Oklahoma City area.

The big bash itself, Opening Night 2019, will be in full swing this year. Come downtown and enjoy all the festivities: food trucks, live music, vendors, arts & crafts, games, and much more! There’s something for everyone at the family-friendly event.

Wanna get a head start on fitness goals for next year? Join the Opening Night Finale 5K (previously the Festive 5K)! The spirited race starts at 3pm next to Bicentennial Park. Remember to dress up in a costume or crazy outfit, and come prepared to have fun!

If you’re in the mood to elevate your celebration, how about an evening soiree? Make reservations now for The Ultimate All White Attire Soiree hosted by the Queen Lounge. The elite festivities begin at 8:00 p.m.

Or you can party like it’s 1999 at FlashBack Retro Pub! From 7pm – 2am they will be celebrating NYE in style. Dress casual and get ready to win at all the games, starting with PacMan.

We hope you enjoy the evening celebrations and that the New Year brings great things!

The team at Bill Roberts Custom Homes

Bill Roberts Custom Homes wishes a Happy 2019 to our residents! Our homes matter because of the people living in them, and therefore we pay the utmost attention to every detail. We provide the very best in home design and community living.

Ways to Support Edmond Charities

Edmond, OK Charities

‘Tis the season to give, and we can do that in a variety of ways, including giving back. Many non-profit and charity organizations in Edmond work hard (all year!) to provide support and critical care to the community. Want to get involved? Here are some local programs that would benefit from your participation. Thank you for giving back!

Donate Items and Financial Assistance

Boost an Edmond child’s self esteem by providing a special outfit this season, or any season (for children ages 3-9). U R Special is proud to provide quality, one-of-a-kind coordinated outfits to children in order to help foster confidence and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Each year that we get to celebrate the holidays surrounded by loved ones is a blessing. Consider donating to No Boundaries International in order to help those in communities that have been impacted by natural disasters. This non-profit organization reaches out both locally and internationally.

The following shelters could use warm clothing, grocery items, and personal hygiene items for children, adolescents, adults, and animals: Hope Center Emergency Assistance, Edmond Women’s Shelters, and Edmond Animal Services.

Donate Your Time and Service – Year Round

The HOPE Center of Edmond is proud to offer a variety of services to those in need. Consider joining their team of volunteers, or donating clothing, food items, or financial support for critical housing and health needs.

The Edmond Senior Center is a thriving recreational facility for many in the community, including senior adults. Consider volunteering your time as a family—involve the kids, too—to join in on games, educational classes and programs, special events, and much more.

As you can see, these volunteer and donation opportunities aren’t seasonal – they operate all year, in all seasons. Keep these in mind if you or your family are looking for ways to give back to the community. Happy Holidays, Edmond!

Bill Roberts residents enjoy the very best in community living. Our neighborhoods are designed to foster a sense of calm and restoration, balanced by a wide variety of recreational and fitness amenities.

Holiday Events in Edmond

Events in Edmond

‘Tis the season to celebrate, and there are lots of fun opportunities in Edmond. As you plan your December, check out these fun holiday events. See the lights, hear the sounds, and experience the magic with family and friends that is Christmas in Downtown Edmond. Check out the website for events such as the following:

Santa’s calendar of appearances is quite full this year! We got a sneak peak into his planned events and know that he will be at the following locations this month:
Dec 14-15, Citizens Bank of Edmond
Dec 15, Edmond Police Department

Once you visit Santa, how about visiting…the Grinch? Do you dare? Word is that he will be lurking around downtown on December 8th and 22nd. Drop by and give him an earful…or maybe even a hug to make his heart grow and grow.

Appreciate local fine arts and stock up on gifts for everyone on your list at the Very Merry Art Workshop. Join us on December 8 at Edmond Fine Arts for all the best arts, crafts, and more from our vendors.

Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage this year, for free! Join us from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. each Saturday in December on the SW corner of Broadway and Campbell. See how historic Edmond celebrated the holidays.

The Edmond Outdoor Ice Rink is now open! Slide your way into the holidays with fun for the whole family.

We hope you enjoy the sights and sounds this time of year. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Houses for sale in Edmond

Bill Roberts residents enjoy festive communities year-round. Our custom homes in Edmond offer the very best in modern living and comfort. For more information about joining one of our beautiful neighborhoods, contact us today.

Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

With all kinds of weather fronts just around the corner, now is a good time to double check key areas around your home. We have created a winterization checklist that will help you protect your home and lawn from the elements.

16412 La Crema Drive- Home For Sale _ Images 6

Outside the Home

  • Flush out the sprinklers before turning them off for the winter season. This will prevent the water from freezing and bursting the pipes. Remember to give the landscape one last deep and slow watering to nurture their roots over the next few months.
  • Clean out the home’s gutters and downspouts. Remove leaves and debris to allow precipitation to flow freely through the spring.
  • Prune back dead or overgrown plants in the garden and around the landscaping. Cutting plants back will prevent snow damage and also encourage root growth when the weather warms.
  • Walk around and inspect your home’s exterior in order to winterize any areas that catch your attention.

Home For Sale _ Tour_ 6216 Hazeltine Drive, Edmond, OK

Inside the Home

  • Check the windows to ensure that seals are firmly in place. This will prevent winter drafts.
  • Clean out the air vents and dryer ducts. Now is the time to purify the air before the windows are closed and the heater is on for a few months.
  • Consider steam cleaning the carpet, or having it professionally cleaned in order to remove dust.

Tis the season to enjoy the cooling weather in conjunction with the holidays. With the home winterized, you can relax and celebrate!

New Home For Sale - 16413 Rhone Drive, Edmond, OK

Bill Roberts residents know that no detail goes unnoticed in the design and sustainability of their luxury homes. Our highly qualified team makes you their number one priority.

Private Schools in Edmond

Local Priviate Schools

There are six private schools in Edmond, providing residents a variety of quality options for their children’s education at all levels. Here is an overview of these local schools and educational programs. Ready to take notes?

High Schools

  • Oklahoma Christian School is Christian affiliated and serves PK-12 students. Home of the Saints, this school strives to partner with parents in order to educate the whole student in order to glorify God. In addition to a challenging curriculum, a variety of sports, clubs, activities, and organizations are available to develop leadership and social skills.
  • Oklahoma Christian Academy is Church of Christ affiliated for students in grades PK-12. OCA is committed to helping students develop their passions: in education, spirituality, and community. Contact this Opportunity Scholarship Fund-winning school for a tour.
  • Mercy School Institute is Islamic affiliated and serves PK-12 students. The challenging and fulfilling curriculum includes co-concurrent programs with Edmond community colleges. Students will not only be prepared for their future, but they will be encouraged to believe in themselves.

Elementary and Middle Schools

  • Holy Trinity Lutheran School is affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and teaches students in grades PK-8. Both a church and a private school, Holy Trinity offers an education with a greater purpose: to continue forward in both mission and ministry.
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is a Roman Catholic affiliated school for PK-8 students. The school strives to not only prepare students for success in high school and beyond, but for lives of both holiness and service.
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal welcomes students in grades PK-5. St. Mary’s recognizes the complex development of students in these early (key) years of academic, spiritual, and physical growing. Therefore they are committed to “challenging the mind, inspiring the soul, and building character.”

We started your homework for you, so to speak. With so many quality schools to choose from in Edmond, it should be a fun and rewarding process to find the right fit for your student and family.

Custom Home Builder

Bill Roberts custom homes are designed to grow with your family. Discerning residents enjoy the very best communities, including proximity to great schools, in Edmond.

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Edmond

Kid Friendly Restaurants

Edmond families have easy access to several dining options. Luckily, their little ones are welcome, too. Here are our top five picks for kid-friendly restaurants in the area. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

  • A classic American eatery, Interurban Edmond offers tasty dishes to kids and adults alike. This trolley station restaurant has a proud history of serving the community, and invites the whole family to sit down and enjoy a meal. The menu features a wide variety of adult options from fresh salads to steaks to regional favorites, and accommodates childrens’ palates, too.
  • Charleston’s Restaurant has a great reputation for serving the whole family and paying particular attention to kids’ needs. Offering American-style cuisine that is made from scratch every day, this is a healthy and modestly-priced restaurant choice. With dishes such as champagne chicken salad, the catfish platter, and the enchilada plate, there’s something for everyone.
  • Satisfy your pizza craving at The Heat (formerly Humble Pie). Can’t decide between deep dish, thin crust, or something in between? They offer it all, hand tossed and topped with authentic Italian sauce. Salads, killer appetizers, and plenty of Italian dishes are available for la familia.
  • Want to broaden everyone’s culinary horizon a bit? Try Sushi Thai Delight Edmond. Their chicken katsu for kids gets rave reviews, and they provide Thai dishes with a kid-friendly twist. Enjoy a variety of sushi or Thai dishes as a family.
  • A local favorite, the Cow Calf-Hay is a must. They boast the absolute best burgers in town, and offer the famous six shooter challenge. Not in the mood for a burger? No problem! Join them for breakfast.

These are just a few of Edmond’s kid-friendly restaurants for your family to enjoy. Bon appetit!

16417 Bordeaux Drive- New Home for Sale - Edmond, OK Brick Home

Bill Roberts custom homes are designed for family growth over a lifetime. Residents know that our communities provide a wonderful range in location and home design preferences. Contact us today to learn more!

The Perfect Home for You and Your Pets

Building a Home to Be Pet Friendly

We all love our furry little creatures. They love to follow us around begging for our food, treats, and pets whenever they can get them. We are eager to let them come into our space and make themselves at home. What if they had their own space though just like everyone else in the house? This might sound a little crazy but just think about having a home that has built in dog bed, dog bath, and food storage. Bill Roberts has done just that. Check out the homes that have them in it!

Built in Dog Bed

We often put them into our rooms and let them sleep with us or at least near us. Whether they have a dog bed in our room or in the family room it’s somewhere. They love to pick their place and call it theirs. What if they had a place to call theirs that was built to be theirs. Bill Roberts builds homes in a way that embraces our dogs as part of the family. We build dog beds into the home. In the utility room we have built it spacious with your dog in mind. Often that is the room we leave the door open, so your dog will have a place to snooze when it’s nap time.

Food Storage

This isn’t food storage for humans, this is just for the dogs. It can be frustrating to figure out where the food should go. It just seems that no matter where you put it just doesn’t seem like there is a perfect fit for it in the laundry room or in the kitchen. That is why we have made sure to build dog food storage into the utility room so that it’s all conveniently in one place and an easy to clean area.

Dog Bath

This is one of the best features that we have built in for your little companion. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out where you’re going to wash your pup in the winter time. If you wash him in the tub you’ve got a high possibility of clogs in the drain that are a pain to get out. However, when you have a built-in dog bath you don’t have to worry about such problems. You have the perfect place and tub that is meant for you to wash your dog year-round when you buy a Bill Roberts home.

Bill Roberts Custom Homes is dedicated to building homes made of quality craftsmanship. We take the dream you home you have in your head and make it come alive. We also care about all members of the family. Call today if you want to tour one of the homes we have available or want to meet with our consultant team. Take a look at the homes we have available today!

Wine Rooms Are Our New Trend

Bill Roberts has started a new feature in some of our homes. We are proud and happy to announce that we are now building homes with wine storage and right next to the living room, mind you! The optimal spot for when company comes over. With we will indulge you in how we have designed this splendid feature of our homes based on the renderings on a few of the homes preparing to be built this spring.

The wine rooms that we have built in our homes are of a substantial size for one who’s hobby is that of collecting wine and aging them over the years. There is ample room for you to have a sizeable collection laying down on their side to properly age over the years. Additionally, the wine rooms that we have built into these homes are temperature controlled so that you may have the perfect conditions for aging wine throughout the years. We understand how the aging of wine works and that is why we have built a wine room that exceeds the expectations of what one would want. Our wine rooms are built to walk in with the space to make any other alcohol that you may want to store.

How is Wine to be Stored?

  • Temperature is Key

Keeping it in a cool place is key. The ideal temperature is right around 55°F. A temperature controlled environment is the best way to go in terms of allowing it to age and keeping it with good taste. Furthermore, there is more to be done if possible the humidity needs to be at the correct percentile to ensure that the cork does not break or shrink. Between 65-75% humidity is the optimal range for long time storage of wine bottles.

  • Lights and Placement

When considering wine, it is important to place it in the correct place and in the correct way. Wine hates the light and prefers to be in the darkness. Ensuring that it stays out of the light, be it from the sun or the house, it will preserve its taste and keep it from aging prematurely. Different types of wine respond more sensitively to light than other types, so you will have to research which such ones are so.

Making sure to place them in the proper place is important but also to place them in the proper way it is likewise just as important. Laying them on their side is of most importance because the cork must continually be moistened to keep oxygen out and the cork from shrinking or falling apart. By having the wine constantly touching the cork you accomplish the like of this. Take note also that wine not be constantly vibrating like it would be on top of a refrigerator.

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Bill Roberts Custom Homes builds homes with you in mind. We understand the collections and hobbies of people, especially those of who have fine taste for such a drink. Call us today for a tour!

Open Floor Plans in Camden Park

Open Floor Plan Homes

Open floor plans have been growing in popularity and are long past a trend in Edmond homes. An open floor plan is functional and has many advantages to a variety of homeowners. Family is all about being involved in one another’s lives. We can easily live in the same house with others and not connect with each other by being in separate rooms. An open floor plan is a great way to combat the various distractions and eliminate the walls between us. Our smartly designed floor plans in Camden Park have designated areas, yet offer open connecting areas which are ideal for entertaining, family gatherings or just being together.

Natural light is another benefit to an open floor plan, the lack of walls allow the light to stream throughout the home. Open floor plans allow one to be cooking in the kitchen and still engage in conversation and interact with family and friends. When spaces are shared, it allows for spacious kitchens and living areas. Who doesn’t love a kitchen with a walk-in-pantry, lots of counter space and storage, not to mention glass front cabinets!

Open Floor Plans for Sale in Edmond

Bill Roberts new homes in Camden Park offer open floor plans, large master suites, flexible spaces which can be a bedroom, study or second dining, making them perfect for empty nesters or young executives. The maintenance free lawns are especially attractive to those who travel extensively or enjoy a carefree lifestyle.

There are an abundance of new homes available, however, to find the one which fits your needs can be challenging. Bill Roberts Custom Homes takes ample time to learn about their clients lifestyle and needs when customizing their plan and always puts the needs of their clients first. A rare service we offer each client is to review their plans and selections in 3D renderings and a virtual tour prior to beginning construction. Visit our model home and available homes in Camden Park to see for yourself!

Open Floor Plan Homes for Sale in Camden Park

Camden Park is a gated community with homes beginning at $385,000. Our homes offer luxury features, maximize first floor living and offer stairs which can be used for additional space or just walk up storage. Along with our beautiful community clubhouse, situated within a 2 acre common area, Camden Park offers extraordinary amenities such as modern clubhouse, fitness center, a resort style swimming pool, built in grill and a fire-pit. The convenient location is close to The Kilpatrick Turnpike, shopping, restaurants and has easy access to Edmond City sidewalks. The luxury community amenities are wonderful to socialize with neighbors, friends and family. We have available & move in ready homes or let us customize your new home today!

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