What’s It Worth to You? Building a Home That Lasts a Lifetime

When you make the critical decision to build a custom home, you expect the investment to last a lifetime. You spend a great deal of time and effort to choose your location and style of your home, and just as much dedication should be spent in choosing your home builder.

What’s it worth having the perfect home that will last for decades?

Never settle for less. Think about what you want in your custom-built home and find the right builder for the job.

Structural Integrity

One element that must be considered for a long-lasting home is structural integrity. The right materials need to be used to create the essential structural elements that will last for decades. Concrete is a common material used for the foundation construction, which is the base for the full structure of your home. Quality materials need to be used for the foundation along with the framework and other key structural elements to ensure that the building will stand the test of time. Depending on the size and scope of the home, steel cross-beams can be added to provide additional long-lasting support.


Another aspect to consider is technology. Today’s homes are becoming more automated or at least tech-friendly. What type of changes do you see occurring in your home in the future by way of tech? You can choose to install wiring in the home that has an empty conduit to make changes in the future as needed. Wiring can be placed in easy to access areas so that speaker systems, alarm systems, etc. can easily be swapped out as technology continues to advance.


When planning your custom-built home, consider the usability of every space. In older construction, homes had rooms with walls separating each space. In today’s homes, the focus is more on an open floor plan. Dining areas, living rooms, and kitchen spaces tend to be one open area. Rooms are constructed to have a dual purpose, from a guest bedroom to an office or kid’s play space. Consider the usability of each area so that you construct a home that will serve your family for decades to come.


When it comes to the construction portion of the home, repairability needs to be considered. Plumbing pipes need to be easily accessible. The same goes for HVAC systems and electrical wiring. The contractor of your new home needs to consider how these systems will be reached and repairs provided as the installation is being conducted. This saves you time and money in the long-run as items are repaired or replaced.


What should you consider when choosing the location of your new home when it comes to longevity? Will you be better off creating a home in a neighborhood or going the rural approach? Much consideration should be given to the location of your new home. Your contractor can help you with the pros and cons of various land locations so you can choose the right spot for your forever home.


When planning the visual design of your home, such as flooring, paint, cabinets, countertops, tile, etc., you should consider your personal style but also how design changes over time. It is recommended that homeowners stick with neutrals or modern design, shying away from the quirky or unique if the home is to be sold in the future. However, if this home is going to be yours for a lifetime, do what you wish and enjoy it!
When it comes to a brand-new custom-built home, don’t scrimp on who you work with just to get the job done. Find a company that is willing to offer you quality service when it comes to your home build. This way, you can have the home of your dreams that will last a lifetime!

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