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Step One

Home building process for luxury homes.

To begin the building process here at Bill Roberts Custom Homes, you need to first select the type of floorplan that you want to build. If you don’t see a floorplan that you like, our architect can design a custom one for you.

Now as soon as you have selected the perfect floorplan, the first step is to pour the footing and get the foundation started.

After the footing is poured, we then pour the stem wall. The stem wall will to join the foundation with the vertical walls, consisting of concrete and steel.

The next phase, is to add the initial plumbing, heating and air conditioning. After this is completed and inspected, we then pour the slab.

After the slab has been poured and is dried and set, we begin to add all the framing, roof and windows.

Once we have passed inspection on all those items, we insulate the house, and add the drywall. Now the rock and brick will go on the exterior of the house.

Building The Foundation

Different stages of building.

Step Two

Pick out your own hardware for your home.

The next step of the homebuilding process, is where you get to make your house uniquely yours. This is when you will get to go and select the fine touches, like door handles, faucets and lights that suite your tastes.

You will get to meet with one of our talented on-staff design consultants to select all the interior features of your home.

Now is your chance to pick your perfect tile, countertops, color of paint, the lighting, the plumbing fixtures etc.

Selecting Interior Features

Meeting with clients to pick out what they want in their home.

Step Three

Interior Features and Measurements

The final step of the building process, is where the initial construction is completed and then all the interior features you selected will go in.

This is the most exciting part of the process, where you get to watch it all come together and see all the interior features installed in your dream home.

Our building superintendents will schedule regular meetings with you to keep you up-to-date on the building of your home.

Construction and Review

Building Process and Construction Review

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