More Than A Pretty Face: Designing A Floor Plan That’s Even Better to Live In

A custom home build is an excellent opportunity for new homeowners to create a space that they will love. With a new home construction, the floor plan is created based on your wants and desires. Of course, you want the space to be lovely and look a certain way, but designing your home is more than creating a pretty face, so to speak. The floor plan needs to be one that will be comfortable to live in.

If you have never built a home before, then you may not realize the time and consideration needed when creating a floor plan. This guide is what will be used to construct your home, and it needs to be precise. Learning more about designing a floor plan based on comfort and living needs is key to creating the custom home of your dreams.

Understanding the Floor Plan

A floor plan is a scaled diagram of the custom-built home. The plan will depict the entire building and show you how every room will be laid out. This includes measurements of the spaces, furniture placement, appliances, etc. Floor plan design is essential to the overall comfort and enjoyment of the home.

With a quality floor plan, you can create a nice flow between the spaces which will increase usability as well as value. By working with your contractor on the desired floor plan, you can combine your wants and needs with the know-how of the experienced professional to come up with a quality plan for your new home.

Key Characteristics of a Good Floor Plan

There are several key characteristics associated with a good floor plan that allows your home to work for you as well as have resale value. A floor plan needs to be versatile and flexible. It creates spaces you can use but also areas that can be converted in the future. A smaller bedroom can work perfectly for a child but also be converted into an office down the road. This is a prime example of how spaces can be transformed to your needs as they adapt over time.

Consider size when creating a floor plan. When designing a room or hallway, think about how many people will be in the space at one time. Make sure that there is enough room to move around comfortably and that furniture will fit nicely.

It is also essential to consider the room layout. Bedrooms should be located away from entertainment spaces like the kitchen or living area. Bathrooms should face away from areas like the dining room or living room. In today’s floor plans, the kitchen spaces are open to living areas to create a larger living space. This adds value as well as convenience for your new home.

Be Logical

While some ideas might seem awesome and perfect for your new home build, be logical in your thinking. Be open to listening to your contractor, especially if some of your ideas just won’t work. A quality contractor sees your vision from the inside out, so ideas you may have just might not be possible or unable to fit into your budget.

Start your floor plan by discussing with the contractor what you want in the home. Take time to think about your family’s day to day needs. What would make your life easier?
With customized plans based on your family, you have the best home features that will work for you. By discussing your family with a seasoned builder, you can come up with a floor plan that is not only beautiful but also comfortable to live in.

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