Designing Your Dream Kitchen with Bill Roberts Custom Homes

Are you ready to stop dreaming about your ideal kitchen and instead start building it? Perhaps you have a Pinterest board chock full of ideas, or maybe you’ve even taken pen to paper and begun drawing your dream layout. With the start of a new year—a new decade—there’s no better time to take charge of your future and put your ideas into action. 

How to Build Your Dream Kitchen 

When you build a new home, you have the distinct advantage of planning and designing the kitchen of your dreams. In-house interior designers lend their expertise to help map out a highly functional layout that wows with its sophistication and attention to detail. Designing a kitchen to meet your needs and satisfy your wants—from the hardwood or tile floor beneath your feet and the custom cabinetry that reaches the ceiling to the gorgeous countertops and top-of-the-line appliances at your fingertips—is a wildly satisfying endeavor. But first, you must accomplish the all-important planning stage. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you begin designing your dream kitchen:

Tips for Building Your Perfect Kitchen

  • Consider its use. Is cooking at home important to you? Do you like to entertain? An island is perfect for accommodating a kitchen that will see a lot of activity.  
  • Know your storage needs. Are you a minimalist when it comes to cooking, or do you have gadgets galore to enhance your food prep? Take stock of what you have and where it makes sense to store it all. What will you keep on the counter versus tucked away in a cabinet? How many sets of dishes do you have, and would you like to display any of them in open-air shelving? 
  • Focus on functionality: Personalize your kitchen to be as user-friendly as possible. Would you rather reach or bend for your daily dishes? Stow them in a cabinet or drawer accordingly, and choose this placement to compliment the natural flow of activity in your space (glasses near the sink, for instance). Also, determine what small appliances you’ve got and ensure you’ll have adequate outlets where you plan to use them. 

Dream Kitchen Layout Designs

Unsure of what kitchen style best suits you? Read on to discover four popular trends in dream kitchen layout designs.

Modern Kitchen Designs by Bill Roberts

Modern Kitchen 

The clean lines, earthy colors, and simplicity of a modern kitchen design exude a sleek, timeless style with a minimalist vibe.

Traditional Kitchen Designs By Bill Roberts

Traditional Kitchen 

Adornments reign in a traditional-style kitchen layout. From multicolored, embellished custom cabinetry; crown molding; and furniture-like pieces to timeless backsplashes and luxurious countertops, this style is a mainstay in interior design.

Transitional Kitchen Designs by Bill Roberts

Transitional Kitchen

A mesh of modern and traditional design elements delivers the signature mix-and-match style of a transitional kitchen. This unique look is achieved by blending the classic, clean lines of modern style with the elegant touches of a traditional design.

French Kitchen Designs By Bill Roberts

French Kitchen

The chic French-style kitchen conjures the Old World charm of the French countryside, featuring rustic accents and soft palettes that incorporate blue and green hues. Custom cabinetry that resembles furniture and crown-molding-studded oven hoods round out this sophisticated look.

Design Your Dream Kitchen with Bill Roberts Custom Homes

Bill Roberts Custom Homes is Edmond, Oklahoma’s, premier custom home builder, and with good reason. For the past 40 years, we’ve delivered exquisite luxury homes featuring stunning, innovative kitchens to satisfied homeowners. Ready to design your dream kitchen? Contact us today to learn about our time-tested process and let us partner with you to make your dream kitchen design a reality.

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