Edmond Jobs: Looking at Employment Opportunities in Edmond

Not only is Edmond, Oklahoma a great place to live — it’s a great place to work, too! That’s why nearly 100,000 Americans are happy to call Edmond home. Edmond offers a strong sense of community where people matter. Also, you find satisfying, meaningful work here—there’s a lot more to working in Edmond than just collecting a paycheck.

Today, we’re going to take a look at jobs in Edmond and discuss some of the major employers in the area. If you’re considering moving here, take note; you won’t want to miss out on these exciting opportunities!

Tinker Air Force Base

Edmond sits just 20 miles away from the largest single-site employer in Oklahoma — the Tinker Air Force Base. With over 24,000 civilian and military personnel, Tinker Air Force Base brings in about $3.5 billion to the state each year, providing abundant opportunities for employment, growth, and advancement

The Tinker Air Force Base offers opportunities for everyone. There are plenty of desk jobs available, but if you’re looking for something a bit more hands-on, you’ll find that here too. If the idea of working on the latest warfighting jets and aircrafts excites you, then you’re coming to the right place.

Edmond Jobs in Education—University of Central Oklahoma

Edmond is home to the University of Central Oklahoma, a higher education institute that employs over 3,000 individuals. As a collaborative effort, UCO employees prepare the youth of Edmond and surrounding cities to lead productive lives.

Furthermore, UCO offers a College of Business, School of Music, Liberal Arts, and courses in Fine Art and Design, so there’s something for everyone. Education matters in Edmond—today’s students become tomorrow’s heroes.

Nobody can say for sure, but at UCO, you might be taking part in educating the next Bill Gates!  Are you ready to make a positive impact on your community? Well, it’s time to come and join us in Edmond!

Edmond Jobs in Healthcare – Integris Health

People choose employment opportunities in healthcare for many reasons. The healthcare industry offers satisfying and stable jobs. Edmond, Oklahoma is home to Integris, one of the largest and most successful healthcare systems in the country. The company offers the opportunity for employees to take on an active role in caring for others in their community.

Integris employs over 6,000 healthcare professionals at multiple hospitals in the area. Also, Integris ranks among the top 25 best healthcare systems in the country according to US News and World Report. Ultimately, if you enjoy stable and meaningful work, Edmond is the place to be.

There Are Plenty of Opportunities with Edmond Jobs

We are merely scratching the surface with the employers listed here. Edmond displays favorable employment outlooks in multiple sectors including; healthcare, aerospace, education, and government jobs. If you’re looking to live and work in a wonderful community, look no further than Edmond!

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