Forward Thinking: Future Focused Home Design for Your Family

When planning a custom-built home for your family, you expect the property to last a lifetime. You want to build the ultimate family home, a space that can be passed down for generations. While there is much to consider, one element that must be fully covered is a focus on the future. 

The home needs to be sustainable, efficient, and utilize forward-focused design to become a valuable asset to your family for generations.

From the Ground Up

For your home to last a lifetime, it needs a solid foundation. The process of laying the foundation needs to be forward-thinking. Attention to grading needs to be considered, as well as the soil type and climate conditions. The foundation needs to be able to withstand the regular elements of the region, including water draining away to avoid damage over the years due to flooding or frequent heavy rains.
Much attention needs to be paid to the foundation as it is the groundwork of your new home. Without a proper footing, your home could settle awkwardly or have issues which can lead to cracks or shifting of the interior and exterior of the home over time.

Framing and Roofing

The framing and roofing is also a factor that must be considered in the future thinking of a home build. The framing is important as it provides the structural integrity of the walls. Each section of the framing must be configured correctly to create the rooms in the home as well as configure other components like plumbing and HVAC. With the framing process, you will be asked certain questions such as on the layouts of closet spaces or pantries.

Also to consider at this time is the rough-in plumbing, heat, and air. It is during the early stages that the home builder will route walls throughout the home, figure out where vent stacks will go as well as connect drain lines and water supply lines. This is the work that you do not see but it is vital as it will ensure the plumbing and HVAC systems will be operational year after year.

As mentioned, the roofing is important as well. Think long-term when making your roof material choice. Some materials may be cheaper, but their life span is much shorter. Invest in a roofing material that will last for decades, protecting your home for many years to come.

Windows and Doors

The placement of your windows and doors is also an essential factor when designing your custom-built home. This process is handled in the early stages of design with your custom home builder.

You want to choose enough windows to create natural light and have them placed in the right areas for comfort and convenience. The same is said with doors. While some rooms will simply have openings from one space to the next, you want doors in private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. Choosing these options for your home can be fun and helps you get one step closer to the completion of your new home.

Drywall and Insulation

Other factors to consider are the drywall and insulation. With the proper insulation material used, your home will see great savings on HVAC costs and be more comfortable. The insulation is added before the drywall, which is the finishing touch to the rooms of the home. Your builder can help you choose foam insulation or other types that will work well for providing comfort and energy savings in the home for many years to come.

While the drywall is going up, the finishing touches will also be made for the HVAC and plumbing systems of the home. Fixtures will be attached followed by activating the water main to ensure the property is closer to completion.

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