New vs. Previously Owned Home: Why Custom Built Is Better

If you’re in the market for a new home, you may be considering the choice between a custom-built home and a previously owned house. Are you interested in enhancing your lifestyle? For those answering with a resounding “yes!” buying a brand-new, custom-built home—and by extension reaping the benefits of living in a master-planned community with high-end amenities, meticulous landscaping, and thoughtfully designed open spaces—is the right choice. 

Advantages of a Custom Built Home

There are numerous advantages to choosing a custom home, not least of which is the excitement of designing a space that specifically caters to your wants, needs, and sophisticated tastes. It is misguided to associate “custom” with “more expensive.” In fact, buying a custom home will likely cost less, both in the short term and long term. Read on to consider all the benefits and savings of choosing a custom-built home. 

Save Time and Money with a Custom Built Home

Save Time and Money

Are you handy with tools? When you buy an older house, you are likely to encounter growing pains as you discover the ins and outs of the structure. Some issues you may know about, through the inspection process, but some will expose themselves when you’re least expecting it. This results in money spent for repairs and time devoted to scheduling and completing the work. These expenses can add up quickly. If you’re handy, kudos to you; that will save you some greenbacks. But in the end, wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your home than fixing it?

New Home Warranty

New Home Warranty

A custom-built home, on the other hand, is a clean slate. Everything works and performs as it should, and you’re left with plenty of time to pursue the lifestyle your new home affords. In the rare event of an issue, Bill Roberts’s custom homes are covered by 30-day and 11-month warranties, so repairs don’t cost you a dime and are handled in a timely fashion by an exceptionally qualified in-house team.

Personalized Space - wine room

Personalize Your Space

Personalizing a home to meet your individual needs is a huge benefit of choosing a custom-built home. Do you want the garage tucked to the side or back of the home to boost curb appeal? Do you want the laundry room close by the bedrooms or adjacent to a mudroom? Do you want a spare bedroom, or would you prefer a library with built-in shelves? When you have a say in your home’s final layout, you can be sure it will suit your lifestyle. This is a priceless advantage over buying a house that needs walls knocked out, plumbing moved, rooms added, wallpaper stripped, or flooring redone.

Energy Efferent in Custom Built Home

Experience Impressive Energy Efficiency

Simply put, older homes are less efficient than new. It makes sense—as technology improves, so does its efficiency. By using the latest in technology, custom-built homes naturally run more efficiently and at a lesser cost. From environmentally friendly ENERGY STAR heating and cooling units and appliances to low-flush toilets and low-flow showerheads, a brand-new home offers noteworthy energy savings in every room. 

The benefits of building a custom home far outweigh buying an older home in nearly every aspect. So what are you waiting for? The time to start your custom-home-building journey begins now.

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