But, still one of my favs. Try Wait: 13 More Tips on How to Speak Mo’ Bettah Pidgin. Shaka Boom is when you fist bump and end in a shaka. Da kine: If you can’t think of the word, da kine is a useful substitute. Maui, “I don’t enjoy working with Sally; she’s so high maka maka.”. auntie – A respectful term for a woman who is of your parents’ generation or older: The aunties have volunteered at the school for many years. Featured properties may or may not be listed by the office/agent presenting this brochure.

“When will the construction be pau?” Ask your child if they are pau with their meal. Kau kau. Whenever there’s some ono grindz around, the kanak attack takes over. small kid time – Equivalent to saying “back when I was younger”: I know her since small kid time. slippahs – Equivalent to “slippers,” meaning flip-flop sandals. Puka means hole. katonk or kotonk (kah-TONK or koh-TONK) – A person of Asian descent born and raised on the U.S. mainland. This information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by Hawaii Information Service and is, therefore, not guaranteed. “Did you know there is a puka in your shirt?” You can also fill in the pukas on a document or fix the pukas in your sail. 9 Reasons to Avoid Maui in the Winter. “We’re going to the other side of the island today, want to come holo-holo with us?” Remember when you were a child and you couldn’t believe how long the adults could sit in the same spot and just talk? July 15, 2016 Is …, With all of the natural beauty and amenities found at luxury resorts around the globe, these three incomparable oceanfront estates …, Pictured home: 15-798 Paradise Ala Kai Drive, Kea`au It was Halloween once again, giving us a chance to be silly and …, 91-1561 Ilikana St, Ewa Beach, HI 96706 No more waiting for lotteries! It’s common to see groups of co-workers at the bar for pau hana to celebrate the end of the work day. buk buk (book book) – A person of Filipino descent (see also manong). scrap – Fight, argue (see also like beef?

If there are any other words or phrases that you don’t see here that you think every newcomer to Hawaii should know, check to see if they’re on one of my previous word lists. Tita is reserved for a tough local chick who is not scared to get in a fight and doesn’t take anything from anyone. You might also hear bits and pieces of Hawaiian Pidgin, a multi-cultural slang that developed during Hawaii’s plantation era. Pidgin is not an official language–although it certainly can sound foreign at times!

Kuleana: responsibility. Required fields are marked *.

sole (SO-leh) – A person of Samoan descent. Whatever happens, happens, you go with the flow because it’s all part of the adventure. Maui News and other Updates from our Maui Blog. “When is kau kau time?”.

You’ll understand why a year or two later. High maka maka is a great expression and difficult to translate. pocho – A person of Portuguese descent. It’s a time to relax, kick back, hang out with friends, grab a drink and enjoy the free time out of the office. potagee (POH-tah-gee) – A person of Portuguese descent.
Pidgin English in Hawaii.

If you just moved here, avoid using too many Hawaiian words on your voicemail greeting or as your email address, and do consult a kumu (teacher) first before giving your child a Hawaiian name or getting a Hawaiian expression tattoo. Kauai, You compliment someone by calling them akamai. You should conduct your own investigation and consult with appropriate professionals to determine the accuracy of the information provided and to answer any questions concerning the property and structures located thereon. 6. Use this for placing an order/sizes. What do they all have in common? Do you prefer one-level living? Aloha Fridays – Similar to “casual Fridays” on the U.S. mainland, during which employees are allowed to dress more casually or in aloha wear, in anticipation of the weekend. Search for a topic, destination or article, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Akamai means smart/clever. 19. 20. A hui hou: “Until we meet again”…used by itself. If you are interested in learning more Pidgin words, phrases, and expressions, e-Hawaii.com has a lengthy list with lots of great examples of usage.
The official languages of the state of Hawaii are English and Hawaiian. She’s usually a tomboy, speaks pidgin, and is super defensive about her hometown and family. ): In small kid time, me and him scrap all da time afta school.

From traditional Hawaiian phrases to modern slang and pidgin terms, these 17 common words and phrases used throughout the islands might make visitors swear Hawaii locals have their own language – which they technically do, of course. Moke is the male version of a tita. Will you be attending Worthshop? Means “hi,” “goodbye,” or “thank you.”. 17. aloha shirt – Also known as a “Hawaiian shirt” on the U.S. mainland. If you are a haole (Caucasian) or visitor, I suggest speaking with your normal tone of voice using a few of the expressions in this blog sparingly (otherwise you goin’ get stink eye). ‘k den – An expression of farewell, equivalent to “OK, then — goodbye.”. Maybe you end up walking on the beach or stopping to see if a friend is home. haole (HOW-leh) – A Caucasian person, not including people of Portuguese descent.

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