What Are The Steps To Build A Home

Many New Homeowners Want To Build their Own House, But What Does That Entail?

If you’re like many house hunting couples out there who are looking for the perfect home but have yet to find it, then another option for you is to build your own home.

Find The Right Home Builder

Sometimes, building a home from scratch might be the only option for you, so naturally the next step is finding the right home builder and making sure you get exactly what you want.

Now while choosing the size of the house and determining how big your lot is going to be are all important decisions, there are some basic guidelines you must be aware of when you decide to start construction on your new home.

Make a Budget for Your New Home Build

The first thing you need to decide is what your budget is. In other words, what type of mortgage loan are you qualified for and how much house are you going to build.

For example, if you live in Oklahoma and you have been approved for $90,000 mortgage, then this will greatly narrow down your options.

However, if you have been approved for a mortgage loan in excess of $400,000 and also have good credit and some cash reserves, then you have many more options available to you when considering building your own home.

SO if we assume that you’ve been approved for a pretty decent size mortgage for building your dream home, the next step is to find a home builder that you can trust and is qualified to create that amazing home for you.

Building Process with The Roberts Group


In a nutshell, the steps to building your home are as follows:

  • Get approved for a loan, or have the cash reserves
  • Find a home builder
  • Locate your perfect lot to build on
  • Coordinate with the builder and the architect to design the blueprint for your home
  • Start construction

We have simplified these steps of course, but that is really all there is to building your own home from scratch. Of course the other details that will come about include: picking out your own lighting, selecting your style of paint colors, choosing your preference of appliances, and more.

These finishing touches usually happen after the initial construction phase has taken place.

Now the time frame to build a home can vary from builder to builder, a general rule is that it will take about 4 months. There can be some other factors that can change that time, however, if you have the right builder and know exactly what house plan you want to build, then the building process will move smoothly.

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